28 September 2010

Queen of the Great Lakes


I had to share this, a 1948 Technicolor travel short entitled "Chicago, the Beautiful". Finding vintage film of the city is impossibly rare, thanks in no small part to Mayor Daley (the first one's) unofficial ban on film productions. Legend has it that the 50s detective series "M Squad" cheesed him off by asserting that a Chicago cop might accept a bribe. So far as I know, other than "Call Northside 777" & a few brief scenes in "North by Northwest", no other features were shot in Chicago until "The Blues Brothers" in 1979.

And speaking of Jake & Elwood, the mall they drove through in the famous chase scene is finally being torn down.

PS...Big thanks to Aaron Renn at the Urbanophile for reposting an earlier piece of mine!


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