18 January 2011

The Hits Just Keep On Comin'

I suppose I should thank the good voters of Wisconsin for electing Scott "Special K" Walker as their governor. As repellent as I find him, at least I'll have a lot to write about over the next four years. No sooner had my last post made the (admittedly small) rounds, then the Chicago Tribune went and published this op-ed of his. Clearly, he must not read my blog (I'm shocked), let alone Richard Longworth's.

Hooray, my suspicions are confirmed, the man has vision about as broad as the Milwaukee River. Shouldn't be surprised, given how squinty his eyes always seem to be. How is it good economic policy to attempt to take jobs from one set of Americans to give them to another set of Americans? That's not very neighborly, let alone patriotic. Pursuing a regional policy would entice businesses from other parts of the world...China, Germany, Australia, for example? Those are places you currently have to drive down to O'Hare to get to.

Governor Quinn responded with an op-ed of his own, making the case that Illinois is the "economic engine" of the Midwest. True, in a sense...but really it's the Chicago metro. Cook County alone accounts for 43% of the state's population. I don't hear of much innovation arising from East St. Louis or Cairo.

So thanks, Badgers. And uh, go Bears, I guess. (As if it really matters.)

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