17 March 2010

Designing Streets as Public Places in Cold Climates

I'm reposting a video of a hugely interesting presentation given last month by Kristian Villadsen of Gehl Architects at McGill University in Montreal. Mr. Villadsen makes a number of important points about designing streets on a scale for pedestrians, creating beneficial microclimates, giving priority to bike lanes for snow removal, and cultivating a year-round "culture of public life". He brings numerous examples from Copenhagen, as well as Beijing, Sweden, New York City & even Greenland. Hopefully, Chicago's planners are taking copious notes.

via copenhagenize

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  1. Re: "giving priority to bike lanes for snow removal:" I was once again disappointed by CDOT not clearing the snow from the sidewalks along Milwaukee Ave. and Logan Blvd. at the square (circle) this past winter. Sigh....