20 March 2010

London Calling

Most "normal" people, when dreaming of a trip to London, imagine themselves shopping at Harrod's, drinking a few pints in an historic City pub, or perhaps attending a football match at the Emirates. If I've managed to corner you after a couple beers lately, it's altogether likely that I've told you how much I would like to go to London to see the world's largest atlas. The 1660 Klencke Atlas will be on public display for the first time ever at the British Library this summer, and being the huge nerd that I am, I'm pretty much awestruck. I mean, come on. Just look at this thing. All hand-engraved, to boot.

Today, the Independent ran an in-depth preview of the exhibition of which it is a part, titled "Magnificent Maps: Power, Propaganda & Art". It's accompanied by images of several more pieces that will be on display, including the one above, a c. 1917 French map depicting Imperial Germany as a hungry octopus. Wouldn't you just know it, now I want to go see it even more. But alas, London is a rather expensive place to visit, and expenses are something I can't really afford at the moment. So here's hoping I find a job soon to fund a London sojourn, or that some mysterious benefactor sees fit to buy me a plane ticket.

via The Map Room

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  1. Holy cow! Now that's a Beeeeeg book.